I don’t know what I’m going to do with this blog but I’m sure that it would be fun writing for me and reading for you. Maybe I’m going to share some of my life experiences, stories, social trending news or even health and facts.

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  • Volunteering at Make A Wish Foundation, Hyderabad
    Hey there, hope you all doing good. In this post I’m gonna write about my experience at the Make a wish foundation, Hyderabad. And I just wanna let you know this post is not any advertisement for the foundation. It’s just how I felt Volunteering there. Here, In Make a wish especially in Hyderabad there were no Volunteer’s until I stepped in there. Then I met …

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  • And Now There Was A Hammerhead
    Hey there! Welcome to Do u know 000 and Today I’m so glad to announce that we just got two new subscribers to our tribe. And hearty welcome to them. Now, Lets get in to the topic without any double-time. Actually I have a friend who is just a dumb and stupid as a hammerhead. He got a big story Because all his life is dim …

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  • Damn! Why are you Being Like That?
    Hey everyone welcome to Do u know 000. I hope everyone doing great. I was just little busy all these days and I’m sorry I couldn’t update anything in this blog, anyway there are just 26 readers with me right now. 😂😂😂 Alright lets get into the topic, So, I’ve moved to my collage hostel last week and there were not so many people with me, …

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  • Misuse of mobile phone by the students.
    In the beginning, people used to live in caves. Then with the passage of time, societies were established. As population multiplied, human beings got involved in different crimes. No doubt, inventions were made but these inventions were also misused and created many problems. Today, we have mobile phones in our pockets for the sake of communication as a great blessing. But, there is also a dark …

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  • online VS offline education
    We never thought the virus like COVID-19 and the days like lockdown in our life. Many private and government schools have started online education due to the school being closed during the lockdown. But this kind of arrangement is new to all the students and as well as parents, Most of the parents are concerning about this online system. According to them, these online education is …

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  • Warning signs that you are not healthy #2
    Our body gives us so many signs that We are not that healthy as we think. And I just realized that thinking that you’re healthy and being healthy are totally different. Also everyone don’t have an apple a day to keep doctor away even though you are keeping doctor away, you should really read this whole post. What do you think about being healthy? Having flat …

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  • Myth’s that you still believe! and the real truth
    Hey there, welcome to Do u know 000 and today we are going to discuss about few myths about things that we don’t know their realities. So, lets jump in 1. police tracing a phone call. Myth: Police can trace a phone call within a minutes. truth: Tracing a phone call takes about an hour Tracking a phone call is not a simple thing. First police …

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  • The infinity possibilities of TIME
    Time can be considered to be forth dimension of reality, used to describe events in third dimensional space and used to describe the totality of the universe physicists say that subatomic particles can travel both in forward and backward in time but humans experience time in only on direction and that is what we feel past to future. Alright then based on this concept we got …

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  • The great Maxwell’s equation.
    Hey everyone, Welcome to DO u know 000. In this post we are going to see some new people and what they said about light in their laws. This is a joke down there. Carl Friedrich Gauss : The net electric flux through any hypothetical closed surface is equal to times the net electric charge within that closed surface”. So, We can see that the magnetic …

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  • you are going to Experience the Mind-blowing paradoxes
    The rules to read : Ignore all rules. A paradox is a sentence or a situation that would be thought as working against the common sence but seems to be true. In simple version a paradox is a statement that is cannot be true but cannot be false. A paradox makes you to think twice or more but your answer will be white face with no …

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  • What to do? if you feel you’re not GOOD ENOUGH
    There is only one person you spend your whole life with, and that one person is not your father, mother, friend or your lover but It’s you. If you aren’t OK with yourself, there is an issue and that’s not good. You can overcome that kind of feelings by following these things. Stop comparing and competing with others Everyone was built differently. But the problem with …

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  • Last minute gift ideas for your best friend’s birthday
    This is a list of brilliant last-minute budget-friendly gift ideas to surprise your best friend on his/her birthday. Have a look at my previous post stuff you should know to feel better. Thankyou, Have a happy Sunday.