a true hero based on a comic

the real hero: a true love and flower

I’m tired at work in kings fort. As a soldier its not a easy thing to stay still all the time. I’m on the way to home. That’s was the only moment I lost my mind at her. I saw her for the first time. She was sitting under a tree, I don’t know who is she and where she live. But, she I just plucked a flower and nervously came to her and gave the flower to her. She threw the flower away and asked for the flower that only grow’s at king fort. I ran to fort and searched for that flower. my heart is beating so fast. Yes, I got that flower I was so eager to give the flower to her.

I saw some Soldiers from another country was at that tree I ran and screaming towards them. When I reached there they took her with them. There’s a logo of their country drew on the tree. I don’t know which country it is.

I started travelling and asking everyone about the drawing I saw on tree but no one was giving the positive answer but, I didn’t stop. It’s been days my leg hurts. still my mind doesn’t accepted to leave the journey without her.

I’m just moving on. Seasons changing, but not my mind. I was totally wet, I don’t know was it due to rain or my sweat. I was taking rest at a side but my hands can feel her in the flower that she asked for her I cant bare the sense that she is doing slavery for a person who stole her. I’m crying and my feelings on her doesn’t stop.

Reached a desert I was travelling since five season’s I can see where ever my eye moves but I know that’s not water moved for so many miles in that desert. Finally found a real oasis Drank some water. I can’t even stand totally worn out, So, took some rest there.

After I wake, I was in a bull cart with my hand’s and leg’s are sealed with iron chains. They made a fire stamp on my arm as a slave to them. I worked there for months. One day found the flower in my bag the flower of my love. I put fire on to the place I work because they don’t let me out of there. The thing I made gave freedom to all the 350 slaves there. than I asked a old man about that drawing.

That old man showed me directions to the country. I started my journey again for my love. But, I should cross the ocean. I found a large ship near by it was a western ship. But I’ve no money to get in so I asked for a job in the ship, they gave me a job. We were on the half way but it was a torture to work there I escaped from the ship they started attacking me but their emergency boat is too strong.

It’s been months on the boat eating fishes, I can’t recognize my self. I was so weak and full of hair on my face. After months found an island. There the people rescued me they gave me food and shelter. That island is full of worriers and they trained me like a worrier. I said my story to those people. They said the country is just few days from here we could go throw the boats.

I started my journey again there the rout we are going in the boat is so dangerous. It was so silent on the way and my silence is not a good sign I was awake of the dangers. It was dark and everyone sleeping. Suddenly the water raised I jumped from the boat it was a big shark broke all our boats just I was alive among us. I can see a huge wall from the rock I stood. I swam to the wall and realized its the country I was searching for my love.

My blood boiled every time I remember her not its the time to get hey. Went to the kings fort where the my love is. went there and asked to open the huge doors how ever i entered. There was a room full with security they were so many but I remember that I was a soldier once and the island people made me like a worrier so I begin with the sward of four feet and not even a single human there. I won on them.

Opened the room, Its my love but I never expected that she became queen of the country. She was trying to explain me but I’m not going to give a fuck. I threw away the flower that I kept with me for years and started to begin my new life with my self.

Hey guys, I just found a comic on pinterest that blew my mind away that’s what the story is about. here’s the link you could get that comic

(This is a story based on a comic).

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