What to do? if you feel you're not GOOD ENOUGH

What to do? if you feel you’re not GOOD ENOUGH

There is only one person you spend your whole life with, and that one person is not your father, mother, friend or your lover but It’s you. If you aren’t OK with yourself, there is an issue and that’s not good.

You can overcome that kind of feelings by following these things.

Stop comparing and competing with others

Everyone was built differently. But the problem with most of us is in the quest to become everyone else, we lose our originality. So, instead of training it to stop comparing altogether, why not simply redirect the comparison to a past and a present self and keep the comparison within? It would feel somewhat better right!.

Never be like this anymore..

What are you doing today that you couldn’t have done five, three, or even one year ago? How have you stepped out in the last year that you might have found inconceivable before? In other words, how have you continued to become a new and improved version of yourself?

Just be like this… and feel the change you got.

Deactivate the thinking mode for some time

So whenever you think you are not good enough, remember it is just the frequency and quality of thoughts which needs to change, but not you. And keep the focus on the problem solving. So whenever you think you are not good enough think about the solving of problem, find out where the issue came from.

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Never think about what you feel bad. NEVER.

Paying attention to the way you think can help you become more aware of your bad mental habits. With practice, you can train your brain to think differently. Over time, building healthier habits will help you build the mental muscle you need to become mentally stronger. So, always train your brain.

choose the right and good person with whom you share your lows.

So make sure you are flush out your feelings of your hard times to one who knows you well; the one you can trust.

>>> These are the things you should consider while choosing a right person to share your feelings:

  • Is the person a good listener?
  • Is the person supportive?
  • Can the person offer empathy and emotional validation?
  • Is the person likely to make the talk about them?
  • Is the person loyal?
Choose the person who can really understand you.

There is something vital we must understand about the people we have relationships with: much of our pain in life is caused by the people we choose.

I hope this post may help someone so share this post and have a look at the post stuff you should know to feel better.

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