you are going to Experience the Mind-blowing paradoxes

The rules to read : Ignore all rules.

A paradox is a sentence or a situation that would be thought as working against the common sence but seems to be true. In simple version a paradox is a statement that is cannot be true but cannot be false. A paradox makes you to think twice or more but your answer will be white face with no answer. Yes it’s true you won’t get the correct answer or the answer may lead you to a loop that never ever ends.

I gave a rule to ignore the rule what did you do?

William Shakesphere said that “I must be crual to be kind”. Here it’s a kind of paradox.

Here are some examples of paradoxes… that bend your mind

barber paradox

>>> There was a barber who only shave those who can’t shave themselves, So will he shave himself?

grandfather paradox

>>> tomorrow we are going to travel past in time where you still didn’t born and you accidentally killed your grandfather. will you still exist tomorrow?

crocodile paradox

>>> A crocodile stolen you kid he’ll either eat it or return it. he’ll only return if you correctly guess his plans. Will he eat the kid?

numbers paradox

>>> There is something intresting about every number. 1 is the first nonzero natural number; 2 is the smallest prime number; 3 is first odd prime number; 4 is smallest composite number; etc.. if you found any number that have nothing intresting than that would be first number that is not intresting.

potato paradox

>>> A 100-gram potato is 99% water. If it dries to become 98% water. it will weigh only 50  grams.

Pinocchio paradox

>>> We all know Pinocchio his nose grows long if he say a lie what if he say “My nose will grow now” will his nose grow?

>>> A deciver claimed that “All men are liers”. Is he saying true?

>>> Will you promise to not to keep the promise?

>>> you mission is to not accept the mission. Will you accept?

Very intresting right, I use most of these paradoxes to annoy my friends so they coul’d use their mind for a while lol. alright thanks for reading i hope you enjoyed it well. Go now ask these to your friends and confuce them.

Thank you for reading. And have look at my previous post What to do? if you feel you’re not GOOD ENOUGH.

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