the great maxwell's equation

The great Maxwell’s equation.

Hey everyone, Welcome to DO u know 000. In this post we are going to see some new people and what they said about light in their laws. This is a joke down there.

Carl Friedrich Gauss : The net electric flux through any hypothetical closed surface is equal to

\phi_E= \frac {Q}{\varepsilon_0}

times the net electric charge within that closed surface”. So, We can see that the magnetic flux cannot be enclosed within a closed surface of any shape. {gauss law}

Carl Friedrich Gauss - Wikipedia
Carl Friedrich Gauss

Michael Faraday : The induced voltage in a circuit is proportional to the rate of change over time of the magnetic flux through that circuit. {faraday’s law}

Michael Faraday (Scientist and Inventor) - On This Day
Michael Faraday

Emil Lenz : Induced electric current flows in a direction such that the current opposes the change that induced it. {lenz’s law}

File:Emil Lenz.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Emil Lenz

André-Marie Ampère : A magnetic field induced by an electric current is, at any point, directly proportional to the product of the current intensity and the length of the current conductor, inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the point and the conductor, and perpendicular to the plane joining the point and the conductor. { ampere’s law }

Andre Marie Ampere: Inventions & Discoveries |
André-Marie Ampère

With all these references A person named James Clerk Maxwell made few equations.

James Clerk Maxwell, Master of Electromagnetism
James Clerk Maxwell

equations by Maxwell

Maxwell's equations and light

These equations represent how the electromagnetic waves work, I mean the spectrum.

These were made to demonstrate how fluctuating, the electromagnetic is in the vacuum. at all wavelengths.

We can realize that the light we are seeing daily is concluded from those 4 equations.

Here the joke is:


Maxwell's equations and light


I think you may got the joke!!! Please comment if you understand the joke.

If you got it Read this, If you didn’t get the joke Read this.

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