time travel

The infinity possibilities of TIME

Time can be considered to be forth dimension of reality, used to describe events in third dimensional space and used to describe the totality of the universe

physicists say that subatomic particles can travel both in forward and backward in time but humans experience time in only on direction and that is what we feel past to future.

Alright then based on this concept we got so many movies like (Intersteller, back to the future, primer, Doctor who). All these movies showes us a way to travel in time in different methods but all these methods are in theories, so they all belong to sci-fi session.



The concequences of the einstein’s relativity theory is that a traveler moving in light speed or in high gravity feild will feel time very slowly. Thats what Intersteller showed us in it not only time but so many other science mysteries like tesseract and gravitational waves. That movie was just fantastic.


Another method is instantaneous time jumping which was in the movie ‘Back to the future’ that was three parts but first is enough to understand about the time travel. but in second part it was totally about future of 2013 but it was not as we expected like in the movie.


slow time travel, Primer is movie which showed us another way to time travel. Here a traveler should stay in a box for one minute of time travel that means to go 24 hours back you should spend 24 hours in that box. And many more methods that just known by movies.

But scientifically, time travel is possible in certain general relativity space time that permits traveling faster than speed of light, cosmic strings, transversable wormhloes (wormholes werent discovered till now for real) or travelinbg around a blackhole. Now time travel is for movies. For real our current technology is not enough to travel in time. TIME IS IN A SINGLE DIRECTION FOR US.


even with parties travel back in time. The future they left can’t be changed all events remain as fixed points in time, the actions of the traveler in the past have became part of history. This is known as novikov self-consistency principle.

for example : you travel back in time in order to kill Hitler as baby in order to prevent WWII. you replaced him with another orphaned baby, so that his family could’nt notice. you travelled back to future, And the replaced baby became Hitler himself. (DID’NT WORK)


Altered events in past have impacts on the present.

for example : If you traveled back in time and killed your grandfather. You also prevent your own birth, and your eventual trip back in time. In turn, your grandfather never killed, you are born again to go back in time and you kill your grandfather……………..(PARADOX).


In an infinite number of parallel unioverses, traveling into the past makes a new divergent timeline from the first. Because of this traveler can do anything, and only the new timeline is effected.

Scientists Search for Evidence of the Multiverse in the Big Bang's  Afterglow | WIRED

for example : If you travel back in time and kill your grandparents, NOTHING HAPPENS. there is no paradox. you just created a new timeline in which you will not exist but the original timeline is not at all effected. But you can’t return to your original timeline. (YOU MAD A NEW UNIVERSE BUT CAN’T GO TO OLDER ONE).

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