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Myth’s that you still believe! and the real truth

Hey there, welcome to Do u know 000 and today we are going to discuss about few myths about things that we don’t know their realities. So, lets jump in

1. police tracing a phone call.

  • Myth: Police can trace a phone call within a minutes.
  • truth: Tracing a phone call takes about an hour

    Tracking a phone call is not a simple thing. First police approch the service provider of the phone they want to track. With the help of the IMEI number they find the nearest three signal towers (in a triangular shape) than with the help of that clue locations police can trace out the location.
phone call tracking

In newer mobile devices GPS became an essential thing. So, with the help of GPS now it became easy to trace out the location accurately. But the software that police use to trace the location is highly confidential and not even the name of the software is rolled out. If it is public, that software, may be, misused.

To know your handset’s IMEI number. Go to setting < About phone< 15 digit IMEI number. or simply dial *#06# on your phone.

2. Animal that can’t jump.

  • myth: Elephants are the only mammal that can’t jump.
  • myth: Elephants are the only mammal that can’t jump.

To be honest I’m a bit fat. And if I walk through my friends they say you are stomping like elephant. But in fact elephant walk so quite. They don’t even make a single noise while walking. I mean they wont stomp loud. Few people use those words but that’s a myth.

 Elephant can't Jump

3. A coin can kill a human.

  • Myth: A rupee sized coin can kill a human, if dropped from 400 meters tall building.
  • truth: It might hurt but it wouldn’t kill anyone.
Death By Coin? myth.

The coin’s terminal velocity will be about 30 to 100 mph depending
on the wind. That can’t make such damage to us, But it may hurt and you can also keep the change in your pocket.

4. Drinking a lot stops COVID-19.

  • Myth: Consuming alcohol can reduce the risk of COVID-19.
  • Reality: In reality sadly alcohol reduces the immunity and increases the risk.
Drinking Alcohol Will Not Protect You From COVID-19, Coronavirus: WHO

There is no drink that protect you from COVID-19 till now. But most people recover themselves. And most of the people believes that taking huge amounts of alcohol and taking a paracetamol can be helpful to manage the symptoms of COVID-19 and not every symptom you see is corona.

5. Hair and nails grows after you die.

  • Myth: Your hair and nails keep growing after you die.
  • Truth: None of your body parts grows after death.
Human Death and Decay

It’s true that a persons hair and nails may appear longer after death. Because the skin around the a person nails and hair retracts over time due to dehydration.

Now I was so lazy to write so I made the last two myths into images have a look at them.

Lightning can’t strike twice.

lightning strike

Peanuts aren’t nuts

peanuts are not nuts

Alright you are up here thanks for reading, Now you’ve learnt few realities of myths that mean you gained some knowledge, Check your weight you may increase cus you just gained knowledge right. Have a good day and have a look at my previous post The infinity possibilities of TIME

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