mobile phone addiction

Misuse of mobile phone by the students.

In the beginning, people used to live in caves. Then with the passage of time, societies were established. As population multiplied, human beings got involved in different crimes. No doubt, inventions were made but these inventions were also misused and created many problems.

Today, we have mobile phones in our pockets for the sake of communication as a great blessing. But, there is also a dark side to mobiles. There is no grain of salt in the usefulness of mobile phones but its missuses have brought great losses for humanity.

mobile addiction

Misuses of mobile phones

If we talk about its misuse, people are doing it in many sense. First, as a student they do not use their minds. Second, mostly adolescents, are not mature enough . They take undue advantage of the technology and share their personal data over social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and so on. That may cause them a lot of loss. 

speaking on mobile

Extra usage of mobile phones make us addicted towards it. We do not have knowledge of what is happening around us . What I will say about others, I would rather tell you about me.

Most importantly, mobile phones are a cause of many ailments. When we use phones for a long time, our eyesight gets weaker. They cause strain on our brains. We also suffer from headaches, watery eyes, sleeplessness and more.

eye problems due to mobile phone

Moreover, mobile phones have created a lack of privacy in people’s lives. As all your information is stored on your phone and social media, anyone can access it easily. We become vulnerable to hackers. Also, mobile phones consume a lot of money. They are anyway expensive and to top it, we buy expensive gadgets to enhance our user experience.

The coin have two sides so mobile have so many advantages too!

Uses of mobile phones

We use mobile phones for almost everything now. Gone are the days when we used them for only calling. Now, our lives revolve around it. They come in use for communicating through voice, messages, and mails. We can also surf the internet using a phone. Most importantly, we also click photos and record videos through our mobile’s camera.

talking photos with mobile phones

The phones of this age are known as smartphones. They are no less than a computer and sometimes even more. You can video call people using this phone, and also manage your official documents. You get the chance to use social media and play music through it.

MobiLine — Making Your Video Calling Easier On Your Phone | by MobiLine |  Medium

Moreover, we see how mobile phones have replaced computers and laptops. We carry out all the tasks through mobile phones which we initially did use our computers. We can even make powerpoint presentations on our phones and use it as a calculator to ease our work.

misuse of mobile

Mobile entertainment is a huge opportunity. We are committed to mobile just as much as we are to PCs. 


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