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And Now There Was A Hammerhead

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Now, Lets get in to the topic without any double-time. Actually I have a friend who is just a dumb and stupid as a hammerhead. He got a big story Because all his life is dim and unexciting. So he searches for small and little moments to get excited and enjoy them. I know him for years and I’m so sure that he is dumb as shit.

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That Hammerhead got very few friends. On a tired Tuesday evening. He is on the way to home from school. he met all friends he have. They were just chilling and playing some sort of game and our hammerhead joined them and tried to play with them but he don’t know how to play that game. He was like Alright! I will watch you play and all the time he saw them but didn’t joined them, even though he asked them They didn’t joined him.

With a simple smile he sat down again. Hammerhead is the most ignored in his friends group. Because every time he feels sad he just write and no one knows what he writes. Suddenly he asked all his friends that can everyone go to the theme park that he love and everyone liked that and said yeah, we can go there on this weekend. Hammerhead was so happy by listening their response and so excited for the weekend.

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And the weekend arrived, Hammerhead is calling all his friends but all their mobiles are not in coverage area. He don’t know what’s happening. He waited and he got no other option that he can’t go to their home and ask what’s happening? so he just waited, waited , waited, and now again its evening.

On the very next day he got to know that all his friends left him and they enjoyed well. And not a single friend of him intimated him that they went to theme park But he got to know with other persons. It was like a mini hell in the hammerhead’s mind. He was disappointed and started thinking what’s wrong with me and why he is like this piece of shit.

He have no idea what is wrong with him. But he know that he is a hammerhead (it mean a stupid). He was thinking and thinking then he got to know that he is a piece of shit and he doesn’t have any purpose in his life. His entire life time is within 40 mile radius and he don’t even know how to make good friends and he can’t socialize more like others do and he just don’t even know how to enjoy. He is still in search of enjoyment.


But deep down who knows what is the purpose his life? May be he can do anything else that all their friends can’t do? May be he is a good writer or some thing like that. who knows. Maybe he can write and share his feelings to others. Or one day he may become a famous writer. He made a book out of the writings he wrote every time he was sad.

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Now! that hammerhead may be fake or just a story. But most of the people are like that hammerhead. Just feeling like a piece of shit and thinking they are useless and whatever like that but explore yourself and think what makes you feel happy. Do only that thing that made you happy last time but now in a different way. Because, you may feel happy when you were riding your bike last time or travelling or cooking or anything that makes you feel you are good .

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Or try new things alone until you like it. Always take this to your mind “I am who I am. Your approval is not needed”. If you want to enjoy then enjoy! explore, travel, and be yourself. Who the Fok is goin to stop you? This is you and you should be you not a person who searches for the happiness and searching for the whole life. But you should enjoy what you are doing. if you are just walking then enjoy the way you walk and feel the happiness of the walk you do and not only that but anything or whatever the shit. You a human, you should be happy and make other creatures happy. UNDERSTAND?

Sorry if I wrote anything wrong in this post. If I did than please let me know in the comment session. and have a look at my previous post Damn! Why are you Being Like That.

Thank you, Bobby.

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