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Volunteering at Make A Wish Foundation, Hyderabad

Hey there, hope you all doing good. In this post I’m gonna write about my experience at the Make a wish foundation, Hyderabad. And I just wanna let you know this post is not any advertisement for the foundation. It’s just how I felt Volunteering there.

Here, In Make a wish especially in Hyderabad there were no Volunteer’s until I stepped in there. Then I met the admin there named Chandu, he’s a cool guy. Well when I went there he showed me a power point presentation about their rules and what we should actually do there. That was cute presentation.

What did I do in Make a wish

So, what I actually did in last three days is. First, we took some forms to fill details of children who are totally sick with a life threatening disease like cancer or aids or any kind of critical illness. Second, we go to hospitals which have support from government, Well I mean hospitals which have government subsidies. In Hyderabad there are like seven cancer hospitals with government subsidies. Third, we go to kids ward and identify kids disease but actually most of the kids have some life threatening disease.

Than, we speak to kids and talk sometime and interact with them. What if a kid hesitate to talk to us than no worries we always have plan B. We bring some small toys with us like small toy car or micky mouse that plays drums which sounds annoying but seriously! kids love that. we play those toys ourselves and make them to play with us. Easypeasy now you got a new friend and you speak with them a lot. And we fill the form which ask the favorite color, movie, music, food, destination and their wish. Which may include in wish are getting a gift, travelling to a destination, meeting a celebrities and becoming a ___ for one day. You can fill a police officer in that blank because I know that one only may be there could be other too.

Wait! I forgot to tell all that thing I said is done only with kid’s parent permission.

So, What are the rules for wish?

  • The must be between the age of 3 – 18. Must talk to the Volunteer, the wish must be his own. Sometimes parents interrupt kid and make them to ask like a TV or a fridge for home but its a big no no.
  • Each kid get only one wish to be fulfilled. So, it’s hard to decide so many of them confuse while asking.
  • The wish should under the policies and restrictions. The wish should be acceptable for the kids medical condition. What if a kid is in critical condition and asks that he wants to do paragliding like jumping off an airplane with parachute.

What are the rules for Volunteer’s

  • A Volunteer must be over 18.
  • Should have good listening and speaking skills.
  • Devote 2 hours hours twice a week except Mon-Sat.
  • And many more you can find in their site.


These kids wishes have been fulfilled when I Volunteering in this week.

First, I was so confused that how do I interact with kids and what do I talk with them. But In all this world there is nothing so beautiful as a happy child. The kids are so adorable that can make anyone to stay connected. I still remember the first time I spoke to a kid while Volunteering. that kid just smiled and you know what? that smile is worth more than millions.

To be honest I’m feeling soo good Volunteering in Make a wish foundation. Again, I’m saying this post is nothing to do with the foundation. Its not any kind of paid promotion.

Thank you for spending your time here in here, you can look out my previous post And Now There Was A Hammerhead.

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